Alice's March for Equality

On January 19th, 2017 Alice's March for Equality will gather in Philadelphia to educate and advocate for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

The march continues the work of Alice Paul, the women's rights activist. In 1913, preceding Woodrow Wilson's first inauguration, Alice and over 8,000 other women marched on Washington to demand a constitutional amendment to give women the right to vote. After the passage of the this amendment in 1920, Alice wrote a new amendment for the equal rights of the sexes, also known as the Equal Rights Amendment.

More than 90 years later, the ERA has still not been passed. Alice's March for Equality aims to put the Amendment back in the spotlight.


The march will begin at 11:30am at Philadelphia City Hall and move along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway to Eakins Oval where a rally will be held until 2:30pm.

  • Lucienne Beard
    Executive Director of the Alice Paul Institute

  • Ginny Marino
    CEO of Girl Scouts of Central and South Jersey

  • Kim Fraites-Dow
    CEO of Girl Scouts of Eastern Pennsylvania

  • Drew Smith
    Executive Director of the Friends Council
    on Education

  • Dr. Graciela Slesaransky-Poe
    Founding Dean for the School of
    Education at Arcadia

  • Senator Diane Allen
    New Jersey State Senator

  • Jane Slusser
    Chief of Staff to the Mayor of Philadelphia

  • Jovida Hill
    Executive Director of the Philadelphia
    Commission for Women

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